Frederick H. Sheldon



I am interested in the evolution and ecology of birds in Southeast Asia. Most of my recent work has been focused in two areas:

(1) Population genetics and phylogenetics of closely related species.

(2) The effect of forest disturbance and plantation development on native birds.  Personally, I work almost exclusively in Malaysian Borneo, but I have students and colleagues working on projects from China to Indonesia.  Our main goal is to understand forces that are related to the diversification of birds in the region.




Yale University:  Ph.D. Biology, 1986; M.S. Biology, 1981; B.S. Geology & Geophysics, 1974

Ph.D. Dissertation

"A Study of the Evolution and Phylogeny of Herons (Ardeidae) using DNA-DNA Hybridization."  Advisor:  C.G. Sibley


Selected Publications


Burner, R.C., A.R. Styring, and F.H. Sheldon. Faunal overlap produces low-to-mid elevation richness peak in birds on Bornean mountains. Journal of Tropical Ecology. In press.

2018 Campillo, L.C., C.H. Oliveros, F.H. Sheldon, and R.G. Moyle. Genomic data resolve gene tree discordance in spiderhunters (Nectariniidae, Arachnothera). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 120:151-157. link
2018 Pegan, T.M., Gulson-Castillo, E.R., Biun, A., Byington, J.I., Moyle, R.G., Tuh, F.Y.Y., Wood, E.M., Winkler, D.W. and Sheldon, F.H. An assessment of avifauna in a recovering lowland forest at Kinabalu National Park, Malaysian Borneo. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 66:110-131. link
2018 Shakya, S.B., T. Haryoko, R.C. Burner, D. Prawiradilaga, and F.H. Sheldon. Preliminary assessment of community composition and phylogeographic relationships of the birds of the Meratus Mountains, Southeastern Borneo, Indonesia. Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club 138:45-66. link
2018 Styring, A.R., J. Unggang, A. Jukie, O. Tateh, N. Megam, and F.H. Sheldon. Bird community interactions between native forest fragments and Acacia mangium plantation in Borneo. Wilson Journal of Ornithology. In press.  
2017 Moyle, R.G., J.D. Manthey, P.A. Hosner, M.A. Rahman, M. Lakim, and F.H. Sheldon. A genome-wide assessment of stages of elevational parapatry in Bornean passerine birds reveals no introgression: implications for processes and patterns of speciation. PeerJ 5:e3335. link

Manthey, J.D., R.G. Moyle, D.F. Gawin, M.A. Rahman, M.F.S. Ramji, and F.H. Sheldon. Genomic phylogeography of the endemic Mountain Blackeye of Borneo (Chlorocharis emiliae): montane and lowland populations differ in patterns of Pleistocene diversification. Journal of Biogeography 44:2272–2283.


Lim, H.C., D.F. Gawin, S.B. Shakya, M.G. Harvey, M.A. Rahman, and F.H. Sheldon. Sundaland’s east-west rain forest population structure: variable manifestations in four polytypic bird species examined using RAD-Seq and plumage analyses. Journal of Biogeography 44: 2259–2271.

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2016 Burner, R.C., V.L. Chua, M.L. Brady, P. Van Els, P.O.M. Steinhoff, M.A. Rahman, and F.H. Sheldon. An ornithological survey of Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 128:242-254. link

Cibois, A., and F.H. Sheldon. Comment on Jukema et al. “Geographic variation in morphometrics, molt, and migration suggests ongoing subspeciation in Pacific Golden-Plovers (Pluvialis fulva)”. The Auk: Advances in Ornithology 133:129-130.

2016 Styring, A.R., R. Ragai, and F.H. Sheldon. Foraging ecology and occurrence of seven sympatric babbler species (Aves: Timaliidae) in the lowland rainforest of Borneo and peninsular Malaysia. Current Zoology 62:345-355. link
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2015 Lim, H.C., F. Zou, and F.H. Sheldon.  Genetic differentiation in two widespread, open-forest bird species of Southeast Asia (Copsychus saularis and Megalaima haemacephala): Insights from ecological niche modeling.  Current Zoology online. link
2015 Sheldon, F.H., H.C. Lim, and R.G. Moyle.  Return to the Malay Archipelago: the biogeography of Sundaic rainforest birds.  Journal of Ornithology online, DOI 10.1007/s10336-015-1188-3. link
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